Cassie ~ Star Burst ~ Sold
(approx. $1425. usd.)

This doll will be for sale Saturday - May 31at 3:00 pm EST.

When you receive the email at 3 pm with the title "Cassie for sale" just hit the reply button and return it to me ( you don't need to write anything in it). The second one back to me may purchase the doll

(Layaway available - 1/3 down and 2 consecutive payments )

This Cassie is fresh skin ( DollShe colour Chart )

Cassie's dress is a polyester fabric with metallic thread embroidery and netting underskirt. The waistband is a beaded fringe. Her shawl is an open netting fabric with metallic thread and is edged with a beaded fringe. Her necklace, earings and shoulder decorations are glass beds and crystals. Her wig is from "For My Doll" and her eyes are from "Eyeco"platinum series.

Her sandals are handmade by KZShoes- (leather with polymer clay heels)