Tessa ~ Velvet Cinnamon ~ $1550. cad ~ Sold

This doll will be for sale Saturday - Oct. 18 at 3:00 pm EST.

When you receive the email at 3 pm with the title "Tessa for sale" just hit the reply button and return it to me ( you don't need to write anything in it). The first one back to me may purchase the doll

(Layaway available - 1/3 down and 2 consecutive payments )

This is the silk underdress with the shawl.

Tessa is oriental skin ( DollShe colour Chart )

Tessa is wearing a layered outfit. The under dress is a shot silk with a pleated ribbon trim around the neckline. Over this dress is a silk velvet apron opening in the front .It features hand embroidery arount the bustline. Both the dresses have been stressed. Her shawl is a cotton knit and trimmed with lace and rayon fringe. Her undies are silk bloomers to match her dress. Her necklace is amber and gold beads and her hair tie is velvet with paper roses.

Her sandals are handmade by KZShoes- (leather and ribbon with polymer clay heels))