Lissa is Pure- fresh skin (DollShe colour chart)

Lissa's kimono fabricis is crepe rayon and was made in Japan. If you look at the detail of it you will see shadowy cherry blossoms in blue and pink. It is lined with striped silk fabric the same as her obi. Her under kimono is rayon as well. I made her fan from Japanese orgami paper backed with a heavier card stock. Her hair piece is a silk bow with a sprig of blossoms and a tassel. She wears white socks and her shoes are leather. I covered the heels with a cork paper - (really cool stuff)

Eyes are "Eyeco"-platinum series, Wig- "For my doll".

I'm still obsessed with making Kimono and learning about Geisha culture. Today I watched a video on tying an obi the traditional way. I have been inventing my own way to make them more easy to remove. (I call it the wrap and snap method).This Kimono is a little more casual but I love the fabric. I found the perfect paper for her fan too. It's so satisfying when things come together in a magical way. I think this Lissa looks more like Sayuri from "Memoirs" so I gave her blue eyes.