Lissa ~ Mori Girl ~ 1700. cad ~ Sold

(approx 1350.usd.)

This doll will be for sale Saturday - March 14 at 3:00 pm EST.

When you receive the email at 3 pm with the title "Lissa for sale" just hit the reply button and return it to me ( you don't need to write anything in it). The first one back to me may purchase the doll

(Layaway available - 1/3 down and 2 consecutive payments )

Lissa is Pure- fresh skin (DollShe colour chart)

Her dress is cotton with rose patterned silk flounces. I made her sweater from a crocheted doily (pineapple pattern).Her beret is wool felt with a silk bow. She wears stretch lace stockings. Her shoulder bag is leather and felt with fringe and doily detail. Her bangles are amber.

Eyes are "Eyeco"-platinum sreies, Wig- "Monique Gold", Boots- "Iplehouse"