Tessa ~ Moonlight Mauve ~ $2000. Cad ~ Sold

(approx. ~ $1500.usd)

This doll will be for sale Saturday -Nov.19 at 3:00 pm EST.

When you receive the email at 3 pm with the title "Tessa for sale" just hit the reply button and return it to me ( you don't need to write anything in it). The first one back to me may purchase the doll

(Layaway available - 1/3 down and 2 consecutive payments )


Tessa is Pure- Oriental skin ( DollShe colour Chart )

Tessa is wearing a two piece dress. The over dress is beaded silk chiffon with metalic lace trim. The under dress has a stretch lace bodice with cotton skirt featuring a front frilled panel. Her hat is felt with silk and paper flowers and a vintage pom-pom detail. Her necklace is amethyst and glass beads. She wears a cut silk velvet shawl as well.

Her eyes are glass, her wig is from Dollmore and her boots from Nine9 Style