Three painted nudes ~ $1125. Cad ~ All Sold

(approx. ~ $875.usd)

These dolls will be for sale Saturday - June 18at 3:00 pm EST.

When you receive the email at 3 pm with the title "Dolls for sale" just hit the reply button and return it to me but this time write the name of which doll sculpt you would like.. The first ones back to me may purchase that doll.

(Layaway available - 1/3 down and 2 consecutive payments )

Cassie is oriental skin, Tessa is fresh skin, Lissa is oriental skin

( DollShe colour Chart )

All the dolls are sanded, sueded, and blushed and I have done the faceups.

Their eyes are "Eyeco-Platinum Series". Their wigs are from " For My doll"