All Hallows' Eve - A Chilling Tale Of Warmth and Love
Part Three

Amanda arises and leaves the room to meet her destiny. All caution is gone, all fear has vanished. She knows this will be a transformational moment.

Amanda and Natalia examine Great Aunt Agatha's portrait for damage. They can hear the voices in the hall . They hear Amanda weeping and also a young man's voice.They want to go to her but feel like Great Aunt Agatha has pinned them to their chairs. When Amanda returns to the parlour a young gentleman is at her side.

Melinda gasps. They both recognize him as their earlier shadowy guest. Amanda is beside herself with both joy and confusion. She steadies herself on the chair and then remembers her manners. These were her words. "My dear sisters this is Zavier Zentner my twin brother". For a moment the girls both doubt her words and their eyes.

Zavier leans into Amanda and whispers. I have more sisters.Then he too remembers his manners and introduces himself.

After a few awkward mumblings and silences the girls start to ask Zavier many questions - all at once. Amanda feels very possessive of him having waited her lifetime to meet him. She sits him down so he can tell his story. They light the candles and wait for him to begin.

Before Zavier begins his tale he gazes at the three candles. They are like his three new sisters - he doesn't know about the four younger ones fast asleep in their beds. He feels ready to embrace his new life.

Zavier being a bright young man recognizes he has struck it rich.

The end